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Train Smarter

Automatic is paving the way towards new basketball development.  Just by strapping on your Apple Watch, Automatic can accelerate your basketball journey.  Our cutting-edge AI technology gives you the power to learn your shot and allows you to truly elevate your game.
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Trust the Numbers

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Automatic gives you insightful metrics after every shot. After a workout, you can analyze your make percentages and see what metrics result in the best outcomes in career mode.

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Have a Plan

With various shooting workouts offered within the app, you can effectively improve your fundamentals! Automatic lets you analyze your deficiencies to get better faster!

Release Angle
Release Speed
Shot Force
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Our Metrics

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Release angle is the angle in degrees in which you release the basketball.

Release speed gives you the speed in m/s of your wrist as you release the ball.

Shot force lets you know how hard they shoot the ball in newtons.

Our Vision

At Automatic, we believe that repetition and adjustment create perfection. 


With instant feedback, you can train smarter, analyze your mistakes and make real-time adjustments to become more consistent.

Going forward, our vision is to expand our AI technology to other sports like golf, baseball, and tennis, and help athletes of all levels achieve their goals. 

We will also be adding more metrics to our app through application updates. 


Thank you for choosing Automatic to elevate your game!

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