Automatic: Basketball Trainer

Our powerful features

New features are always on the way! Our goal is to incorporate technology into everyday training and to improve sports development as a whole.

Post-Workout Analytics

Dive into a detailed breakdown of your workouts.

Personalize Your Play

Enhance your basketball skills with our tailored shooting workouts.

Track Short-Term Growth

Monitor weekly stats to pinpoint flaws and make adjustments on the go!

Real-Time Recognition

Our near-perfect AI model recognizes basketball wrist gestures in real-time!

Percentage-Based Goals

Set and chase specific shooting percentage goals to remain motivated on targets.
But it doesn't stop there...

Powerful Operations

Comprehensive Shot Analysis

Elevate your shooting accuracy with real-time shot make percentages.

Interactive Training

Record live notes on your workout with just the click of a button. It's that easy!

Advanced Shooting Metrics

Unlock in-depth metrics like release angles and shot forces.

Advanced Technology

Our tech brings new and unique methods of athletic training.

Automated Tracking

Just shoot and we'll handle the rest, seamlessly collecting stats in the background.


Our $7.99/mo subscription plan is considerably lower than a rebound machine or trainer.

Join the Revolution of Training!