Julien Bourgeois

CEO & Co-Founder
Julie Bourgeois, the dynamic CEO and co-founder, is currently enriching his academic journey at Ole Miss, where he pursues computer science with a minor in entrepreneurship. With a robust foundation of four years in programming and two years of practical experience, Julie's innovative spirit has already given rise to two startup ventures, including the noteworthy Crowd Cover app. His profound connection to basketball, highlighted by his impressive record as his high school's all-time leading scorer with 1,255 points, has fueled his vision. Driven by a passion to revolutionize sports training through cutting-edge watch technology, Julie is on a mission to transform the athletic preparation landscape, blending his rich sports background with his technological prowess to introduce groundbreaking solutions.

One nice thing to say

Julien Bourgeois' visionary leadership and entrepreneurial spirit are truly commendable, driving innovation and setting new benchmarks in the tech industry. His unique blend of technical expertise and a passion for sports has led to transformative solutions that redefine how we approach athletic training.

How about twice

Doubling down on his achievements, it's remarkable how Julien has seamlessly integrated his extensive background in basketball with cutting-edge technology to offer game-changing tools. His work not only exemplifies innovation but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and technologists alike.