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How to Use Automatic

Welcome to Automatic, the cutting-edge basketball app that revolutionizes the way players track their shots and improve their performance on the court. Our app leverages advanced AI technology to provide players with insightful metrics and personalized feedback, giving them a competitive edge and helping them reach their full potential.

With Automatic, players can easily access a wide range of metrics, including shooting percentages, shot locations, and release times. This wealth of data allows players to identify areas for improvement and tailor their training to focus on specific aspects of their shooting technique.

But that's not all. Our Career Mode feature takes things to the next level, allowing players to review their shooting performance over time and gain a deeper understanding of the factors that impact their success. By setting goals and tracking progress, players can stay motivated and focused on their training, ultimately leading to improved skills and greater confidence on the court.

And let's not forget about our exciting quests. These challenges are designed to keep players engaged and motivated, pushing them to meet specific shooting goals and compete against friends and other players in the Automatic community.


Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, Automatic is the ultimate tool for taking your basketball skills to the next level. So why wait? Download Automatic today and start improving your game!

Shot specific workouts

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Upgrade your basketball shooting skills without limitations with Automatic's Shoot Around workout. This flexible option allows shooting from anywhere on the court and provides real-time feedback to enhance techniques and build confidence. Download Automatic and take your shooting skills to the next level!

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Improve your 3-point shooting skills with Automatic's 3 Pointers workout. Set three-point goals or time limits to track your metrics and get valuable insights to boost your range. With this workout's help, you'll be sniping from deep in no time! Download Automatic and take your game to the next level!

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Free Throws

Elevate your free throw shooting skills with Automatic's customizable Free Throws workout. Aim for consistency and replication as you shoot each free throw in this workout. With real-time tips, you can become a free throw merchant! Download Automatic today and take your free throw game to the next level!

Our Metrics

shot Force

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Discover your perfect shot force with Automatic's cutting-edge metric measurement feature! Shot force is the metric used to measure the amount of force with which a basketball is shot, and is calculated through advanced sensors and AI technology integrated into the app. This metric can be affected by various factors, including shooting technique, strength, and distance from the basket. With Automatic's career feature, you can uncover your ideal shot force and enhance your shooting skills. Download Automatic today and start perfecting your shot!

Release Angle

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Perfect your basketball shot with Automatic's release angle metric measurement feature! Release angle is a critical metric that measures the angle at which a basketball is released from the user's hand, and plays a crucial role in determining the shot's trajectory and success rate. Our cutting-edge sensors and AI technology integrated into the app provide real-time feedback on factors such as shooting technique, body position, and distance from the basket that can influence the release angle. Download Automatic today and take your shot to the next level!

shot Speed

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Unlock your potential as a quickdraw shooter with Automatic's cutting-edge shot speed measurement feature! Utilizing advanced sensors and AI technology, our app tracks the movement of your arm from the set position to the point of release, accurately calculating your shot speed. Shot speed is influenced by various factors, including strength, shooting technique, and distance from the basket. With Automatic's real-time shot speed monitoring, you can gain valuable insights into your shooting mechanics and make necessary adjustments to improve your game. Download Automatic today and revolutionize your shooting skills!

Career Mode

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Maximize your potential on the court with Automatic's Career Mode.

Review and track all your previous workout data and identify which metrics lead to the best performance.


Our intuitive and user-friendly design allows users to easily compare their progress over time, identify trends, and set goals for improvement.


With Career Mode, beginners and seasoned athletes alike can access valuable insights and tools to help take their game to the next level. Download Automatic today and start your journey to becoming a better basketball player!

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