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More Sports

Automatic's ai will soon be able to recognize many motions in sports. We plan to use this technology to help athletes better understand their shot, swing, serve etc. Our vision is to have every athlete possible training smarter with our app. A shootaround with a friend will be so much more engaging when you can compare and contrast metrics and adjust from there! Automatic will unlock so many levels for athletes in their sport!

More Fun

Automatic's gamification will introduce quests, a series of daily and weekly challenges focused on honing your game. Complete quests to increase your shooter rating and to get energy. Quests will make your training sessions more fun and give you some challenges to overcome.

More Metrics

As Automatic continues to grow we have been working on new metrics for shooters. There are plenty of ways to analyze a basketball shot, Automatic will soon able to derive a shooter's set time, displacement, and pronation or supination. S-curve is a metric that we have been working on for a while, S-curve is the path you take to shoot the ball. Identifying your specific S-curve will help you train like your NBA comp. 

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