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Meet The Team

Julien Bourgeois

Co-Founder & Developer

Andrew Bradford

Co-Founder & Business Management


Welcome to the world of Automatic, where technology meets sports development! Meet the dynamic duo behind our cutting-edge app - Andrew Bradford and Julien Bourgeois. These two visionary entrepreneurs from the bustling Metro New Orleans area joined forces in July of 2022 to bring their shared passion for technology and sports development to life.

With a strong desire to help athletes around the world improve their training, Bradford and Bourgeois conceptualized the idea of an app that could revolutionize the way athletes approach their craft. Leveraging Bourgeois' extensive knowledge of basketball and programming expertise, and Bradford's professional experience in sports development, they worked tirelessly for just under a year to bring their vision to fruition.

Automatic is the go-to app for athletes looking to harness the power of technology, repetition, and perfection in their training. As we look to the future, Bradford and Bourgeois remain committed to driving innovation and improving athletic performance through the integration of technology and sports development. Join us on this exciting journey!

Idea Village Pitch

UNO Privateer Pitch 

Witness the birth of Automatic - the app that's revolutionizing the world of sports training! In November 2022, co-founders Julien Bourgeois and Andrew Bradford took their fledgling startup to the UNO Privateer Pitch, the highly-anticipated annual competition for aspiring entrepreneurs at the University of New Orleans.

With their passion for sports development and technological innovation, Bourgeois and Bradford pitched their vision for Automatic to a panel of esteemed judges, accompanied by a slick pitch deck that left the audience in awe. The judges were equally impressed by their concept and awarded the dynamic duo with the grand prize of $8,000 to propel their startup to new heights.

This pivotal moment marked the beginning of a thrilling journey for Automatic, as Bourgeois and Bradford continued to harness their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for sports development to create an app that is now used by athletes worldwide. With each milestone they reach, they remain committed to delivering cutting-edge technology and innovation to help athletes train smarter, perform better, and reach their full potential.

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